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If you goggled with any search engine for a coin of words or phrases like Music Information Technology, keyboard music, structure of musical notes for melodies, score view of music , the secret of making music , conversion of western score view of music into Carnatic notations and Universal music methodology and if you have landed here, you are not only in the right place but also in the right direction to achieve your goal.

We Run

Music Education consultancy services.

We Devise

Improvised techniques in music education by enriching Musical Acoustics to develop career/performance value to the music learners.

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What we offer

"Courses in
Music Information Technology (MIT)
Learn to play Keyboard Music based on MIT
Convergence of Music & IT with the conversion of western score view into Carnatic notation and vice versa. "

What we provide

"Guidance to music teachers and learners to compose a melody (Synthetic Music) in a computer without using any music instruments. All he / she needs is a PC with a mouse. Basic computer literacy is more than enough since we use only a few keys and a mouse for this mechanism."


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