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The Great Story

The Great Story

MUSIC has been with me for as long as I can remember. I'm not talking about an appreciation for sound, feeling rhythm, or hearing good melodies. I mean that MUSIC has been with me in my heart and soul. I never heard it because I internalized it. I never felt it because I was touched by it. I never appreciated it because I was amazed by it. The journey from interest to passion would be the same as the start and end dates of my life.

My passion is not mine alone. Other people have MUSIC coursing through their veins. Many people have always wanted to play an instrument or sing, but various circumstances kept them away. Thousands of children want to do more musically than just listen. I know what it is to be alone in that space.... that is precisely why MUSICSKILLS was born.


Let's Go!!

I have loved every minute of my journey



I have learned a lot over the years. I learned to read music and to play "by ear". I learned how to read chord changes and understand the number system. I figured out how to hear the different vocal parts in a choir and pull them apart so I could teach them. I studied the different roles of the instruments in an ensemble. I grasped the concept of being able to play across chord changes and how to play consistently without speeding up or slowing down. This list could go on forever, but I'll stop with this last one. I realized that the more I learned, the more I could do.

Learn more. Do more.

As I began talking to people and teaching people about MUSIC, I found out that they could do more if they learned more too. I also discovered how much joy it brought me when I passed on information that actually helped. Teaching was my thing!! It was easy to dig into my reservoir of musical experiences and help and I loved every moment of it. Teaching also allowed me to dig deeper into concepts and learn more so the duality of the benefits led to this...



James Jonathan French


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