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9625 David Taylor Dr. 

Charlotte, N.C. 28262

Suite 106


By Appointment 


(704) 754-3080


Why Should I Take Music Lessons ?


The benefits of music lessons go far beyond music! Lessons foster creativity, increase confidence, round character, and develop grit. Music has even been shown to rewire the brain by encouraging students to use both hemispheres at the same time. In many settings, learning has become memorization and regurgitation. At Musicskills we encourage students to apply concepts and to think about music with an expansive view in order to actually be creative.

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How Would I Learn?


At Musicskills we learn music in EVERY way. There is standard notation and theory which everyone should have exposure to. We learn by deciphering the language of chord changes and relevant numbers/signs. We also learn to strengthen our ears so we can begin to digest and replicate what we hear. When we only learn music in one way, we limit ourselves greatly. 

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Experienced Instructor

Bachelor's in Music Performance

30 years of live playing experience

25 years of teaching experience

4 time winner at The Apollo Theater


Comfortable Setting

The Musicskills studio is the right mix of professional and comfortable. It is an EXCELLENT environment for learning, creating, and exploring musical concepts.


Professional Equipment

You don't need to bring anything. If you're interested in keyboard lessons we have them set up. If you want bass lessons we have one. If you are a virtual client, we have taken steps to make sure that you can hear and see what is played and said. 

Individual Approach

Students have different goals. At Musicskills we tailor the lessons to fit the goals of the students. Here, one size does NOT fit all.


"French... I've played with hundreds of keyboard players and you are the only one who played my stuff right"-

Anthony Hamilton

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